Adding a map Zoom control to the main WW window

The default image in the main WW window, in my configuration, is a satellite map. The default zoom level is 3. It can be changed in Settings. After changing the zoom level, you have to manually update to see the image at its new magnification.

Where I live being able to see continental views as a well local views is very informative. I would like to see a method of changing zoom level in the main window itself. A slide control would be very nice :wink: but a set of five radio buttons, like those used in Settings is more practical.

The following image shows how Zoom radio buttons could be incorporated onto the main window. (Click on image for a larger view.)

The images are different at each zoom level, so adding such a feature wouldn’t be a simple task. If you click the map image, you can view the interactive map on Weather Underground’s website. While not as convenient as clicking a radio button, you’ll still be able to access the zoom feature.