Add new weather station current location is not correct

When i try to add new weather station, show me that:
using last wwl version.
Maybe problem is because of:
CHANGED: When opening the weather station search window to add a new weather station, the weather stations are auto loaded for your current location.
Or maybe is from my geo position presented by my ip?

If i try to search any city, everything is ok, but at launch is like the screenshot.

I made a small tweak in the following build that I think will resolve this issue. Please give it a try and let me know.

With this build, when open add new weather station show this:

What did you used to see when using older Weather Watcher builds (before version 7.2.16)?

Exactly the same, like the second picture. But with new feature: “the weather stations are auto loaded for your current location.”, maybe not working (for me)?

I’m having a similar issue on WWL V7.2.17 on Windows 8.1.1 x64 Professional when trying to add a weather station. The first time I try it, it fails will null entries. If I cancel and try again, then everything populates correctly.

on retry:

siliconman01, your issue sounds a little different. Can you give me the steps you’re following to reproduce that?


  1. Open to the WWL Gui by clicking on the temperature icon in the Notification Tray
  2. Click on “Options”
  3. Select “Stations”
  4. On the Stations screen, click on “Add Station” hot box
  • The “Weather Stations - Weather Watcher Live” window opens. No active weather stations are shown on the map and down in the list window, it states null, null,null, WeatherBug WeatherBug station.
  1. Click on “Cancel” to close this screen.
  2. Click on “Add Station” hot box again.
  • The “Weather Stations - Weather Watcher Live” window opens fully populated.

Hope this helps. Holler if you need other info.

While doing this post, I discovered another bug. I’ll make a separate post.