Add new station

I’ve been using WW for years, and thank you for that, it is a great application. Instead of looking thru the window my family members ask what does WW say.

I’ve switched to Mac recently. I’ve installed the Firefox WW add-on. I know how to use WW. I have FF 4.0.1, and Mac OS Snow leopard

But…I can not add any New stations.
I can find it in the search, but after I chose my desired station I got nothing … 4110809250 … 8510374690

Thank you fot your help!

For some reason, various international weather stations are down at WeatherBug. That’s the case for split too:

I contacted WeatherBug and will follow up when I have some more information.

Thank you, I have tried with Graz, Austria and Berlin,with the same result.
New York and London works.

Thank you!
Everything is just fine working now!

I’m glad I have WW, again with me!

Greetings from Croatia! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: