Add new station nothing happen

Hi All,

I installed the latest version,but when added new stations,just enterd the city name and click search button,nothing happened, can not see the google map and no results appeared,i ensure that the internet is ok,and the program really conduct “searching”,anybody has the clue?Thanks.

What do you see when you go here?

Weather Watcher Live uses the results from that page to center the google map near your location.

I can open the page and show IP address locator,sth like the Japanese map,"the IP address to locate "default show,apparently it is not my IP address.BTW I am using proxy to access internet, does this cause this issue?If so,how to slove this problem when using proxy?

What do you see in the “Latitude” and “Longitude” boxes?

The proxy shouldn’t matter. However, you’ll need to enter your proxy info in the “Advanced” --> “Internet” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window so Weather Watcher Live is able to access the Internet.

The latitude:35.7, longitude:139.767.

I am sure that I set the proxy correctly.

BTW, I can add city in using Older version "Weather watcher " instead of WWL.

Do you see a result when right-clicking the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choosing “Check for New Version”?

a window pops up and says: The attempt to check for an updated version of weather watcher live failed. Visit to check for a new version.

does this proof that the internet wrong, but i can access to the internet via my proxy setting to surf the page and chat things like that.

It looks like Weather Watcher Live does not have access to the Internet. Perhaps one of your security programs is blocking Internet access to dl.exe in the Weather Watcher Live program folder.

I don’ think the antivus program block WWL since I can found the DL.exe show in the task window when i conduct search. Even I EXIT the antivus program it still nothing happen.

BTW I can add station in my home in connecting directly to the internet instead of using proxy, when I click the"add new station" a window pops up and show the google map listed below and show the relative stations name also, I can select the station and click OK button.

Again when I using proxy in my office, nothing happened, no google map and any results, just blank.Sucks.

I am trying several times even I tried the latest vesion (7.1.99), the same issue still there, no searching map and no results, what is the difference between WWL and WW? I can add staion in WW but not in WWL. Need technicians to solve this problem, thanks.

DL.exe will show up in the Task Manager even if something is blocking it from connecting to the Internet. The Task Manager is just showing that the program is running.

Are you using the same computer from your home and office?

The only two differences are:

desktop computer and using proxy in office and laptop directly connected to internet at home.

And very likely the office system has policies and other security systems in place to prevent ad hoc apps/games/etc from using the 'net without being authorized by the IT dept’s management. Check with the company’s IT dept for reasons why the WWL app and it’s DL routine aren’t working.

it’s weird that the function of adding station is ok while using WW verison, any differences between WWL and WW in searching stations?

The main difference is the sites WWL connects to. Those include: (used when checking for new version)

Can you get to all of those websites from work?

Yeah, I can access all these sites, does WWL need Flashplayer or Java etc to support the showing searching map? the problem is no map appears at all and no searching results.

Flash and Java are not used. The version check failed too, so the issue isn’t just the map. It appears that your problem is Weather Watcher Live does not have an Internet connection.

In the “Advanced” --> “Internet” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window, try checking the “Auto-detect proxy settings for this network” check box (if not currently checked), or uncheck it (if currently checked).

The program’s internet setting is the same. Both WWL and WW are using the same proxy’s setting (uncheck “Auto detect” set the server and port) , but WW can search and add stations although the searching page is simple and compact. My point is that WWL using more luxury searching page(using google map) but perhaps need more system storage to deal with the map data and affact the response speed. My suggetion is that WWL may use the same search method at the WW. The best program is to make size small whereas the function is abundant, right?

Right. But, in WWL, I’d like you try both with that check box checked and unchecked. Perhaps it’ll work when toggled one way.

What about the version checker though? That’s failing in WWL too. And that code is the same as in WW.