Add icons from...

How can I add the icons from here?

I really like them and I don’t know if it’s possible to convert them(or something like that) to be compatible with WW

It most definitely can be done, it’s simply a matter of matching the image naming convention that uses. For some help in doing that see this thread: … .php?t=617

Create a folder in WW’s Skins\Icons folder named NOAA or NWS or CosmicGirls :icon_smile: , place your renamed icons in it, then select them from the WW Options Skins tab.

If you need help, stop back. And if you create a set of NWS icons for WW please post them so others can download them. :wink: (Or the renaming scheme that you used.)

I hope you are able to do do it, I would love to have those icons available!

This file might help you.

[ ...](

It shows all the weather icons NOAA uses plus their descriptions together with all the icons. It should help in setting up a cross reference / renaming scheme.

Who,me?To do the whole set?Well,guys, I managed to do almost half,but the “image naming convention that uses” sucks. Because there are like 6 icons for rain,snow which are the same,but they should be different,like NOAA uses,icons for light rain in the day+night,heavy rain in the day+night,scattered showers… :-s and so on

And maybe to have the complete precise list I’ll have to wait for all nature’s elements to happen…I’m kidding :-k

PS:Yesterday was the first snow this year,here,in my country,so the list is getting bigger!(It was light snow by the way):iconbiggrin:

Yup, been there, done that. :iconbiggrin: Look at some of the tools in the thread I posted previously. I think I tweaked some of the icon descriptions in them. The tweaks may be in the zip file also I’m just not sure.

BTW if you select any of the non-GIF NOAA icons you will have to convert them to GIFs for WW use.

We had the 1st area frost that impacted the flowers on our deck last night. VERY late in the season for a 1st frost. Had snow in areas sw of us last week.

Yes,I saw that list,you tweaked it alright,but I wanna be more precise.For example,9 is Drizzle,not Light Rain,39 is Scattered Showers-Day,and 45 Scattered Showers-Night and maybe more of them are a little wrong :tongue:

btw how come I don’t need cookies enabled in order to log in?It’s weird but cool

Hi, CG! Some people here don’t mind pitching in on a project. :icon_smile: Sometimes one person posts what they’ve done so far and others join in. Also, there’s a free program (link) that will convert a whole batch of images from one format to another, like JPG to GIF. (It has lots of other great features too!)

PS:Yesterday was the first snow this year,here,in my country,so the list is getting bigger!
Where’s your country? I’m curious. :cool:

Where’s your country? I’m curious.

CG is sending right now a pm with the answer,curious little you…


Hey, I’m curious too. :sad:

You don’t need to post your house number but a general vicinity would be nice.

BTW We have a snow advisory issued for tomorrow, our Thanksgiving Day. And that’s fine with me, we’re hosting the dinner and don’t have to travel. :wink: I hope the day fares well for all my fellow Americans near and far. :thumbright:

We may just break a record – they’re calling for summertime temperatures tomorrow! We were just getting frost warnings last week. Who can keep up with this changing climate? :scratch:

It was crazy here in Georgia. It started out with the temperature breaking 74 deg F - quite warm for this time of year - but the low was around 46, and today it hasn’t broken 60 - I watched (and reveled) in the coming cold front yesterday - great day to watch football, and play in the leaves :stuck_out_tongue:

Well our trees have been very possessive of their leaves this year. Even after we had a frost a couple of weeks ago. But the snow yesterday and the high of 25 today has gotten most of them to change their minds and they are dropping like rain. Next week we should have all nude trees. :thumbright:

Nudity can be enjoyable. :lol:

BTW, Ed, congrats – your post above was #10,000 for the board! (Assuming the ViewTopic command starts at 1, that is.)

Thanks! :icon_smile:

I’m not sure where you’re seeing the 10,000 number but I just noticed that the posting count under my name recently hit 2000. 8-[

And my car last week hit 100,000. :iconbiggrin:

Wow, 2k posts – that’s pretty prolific. :icon_smile: Have you seen Mike’s total? Whew!

It’s from the emailed reply notifications: