Add Heat Index

Add heat index along with feels like and humidex. I’ve noticed that the heat index can be a few degrees different than the feels like temperature and since it is used in the US for weather warnings it would be nice to have it listed along with the other values.

Is there a good reason to show both of these values at the same time? Or are you thinking of an option that would allow you to toggle between displaying the humidex or heat index?

I hadn’t really thought about this so I could go either way which ever is easier for you.

There really isn’t an easier option. I was just trying to understand how seeing both values would be beneficial.

Having an option would probably be cleaner. I’ve seen other weather programs with the option, but I haven’t seen any program display both at the same time.

I had the following conditions:
Current conditions for
Fort Wayne, IN (Fort Wayne International Airport)
Mostly Clear
Temperature: 91°
Feels Like: 98°
Precipitation: 0%
Dew Point: 61°
Humidity: 36%
Humidex: 100°
Wind: 16 mph SW
Wind Gust: 0 mph
Pressure: 30.10 inches and steady
Visibility: 10 miles
The heat index was 92. When you calculate the feels like it seems like the higher the wind the higher the feels like for warm temps because when the wind was 3 mph the feels like was 92 or so which was much closer to the heat index.

It looks like a separate heat index column is not going to be useful (thanks Ken!). As is today, Weather Watcher displays the heat index for the feels like temperature when the current temperature is above 79°F. When below 80°F, the wind chill is displayed instead. So, you can look at the feels like temperature value today if you want to see the heat index.

This is great and I agree. I didn’t realize that feels like worked like this and with more testing I agree that it is doing exactly what I want. Btw I didn’t see Ken’s post as you reference him in your post.

I don’t think he’s a member here. I’m just shouting him out in case he’s reading along.