Add feature to not minimize apps/programs using Full Screen View

As you can see in my attachment I am suggesting a “tick box” to tell WW not to minimize a program when it is using the entire screen. This can happen with full screen games and other programs that require use of the entire screen. Example: During Live Updates for WW the focus switches from the full screen program to WW and miminizes the program to the Windows 10 task bar. I have all gaming and Xbox apps deleted from Windows 10 using special software. Please do not suggest using any build in Windows 10 features.


Which version of Weather Watcher are you using? Does this happen when the main Weather Watcher window is closed?

All versions of WW have stolen focus during gaming which minimizes the screen. I keep my WW set to update “live”. It’s such a nice program and I enjoy the convenience to glancing at the System Tray to see the temperature. Plus all the great features of this program.

Version: 7.2.201

Is the Weather Watcher window closed during the times your gaming screen is minimized?

Do you see any Weather Watcher windows, messages, etc. on your screen to indicate Weather Watcher is the program that’s stealing the focus?

Yes. But only when it does a live update. When I exit WW at the system tray all background processes are stopped. The game never minimizes after I do that. I doubt many gamers use WW. People using Office etc. are not using their programs in Full Screen. Office might be maximized but we both know that is not the same a program that is Full Screen mode.

Perhaps a feature in in WW that can be checked that says “do not update when full screen app detected”.

I’m not sure which question you’re answering here. Can you answer both of my questions above?

You asked if any WW windows are open or minimized. I have WW start on Windows startup but always minimized to the System Tray.

I have WW set to update weather “live”.

If Weather Watcher is never visible on your screen when the focus is stolen, then try installing this build:

Glad to report that version 7.2.204 does not steal focus and full screen games are not minimized during live-updates.

Thank you very much! :+1:

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