active desktop animated maps



IE7 & FF3 all working fine.

nothing has changed for my pc.

WWL worked great for months, but now the animated map no longer shows on the desktop.

all settings are the same.

I have deleted, cleaned the reg., rebooted, re-install from scratch. and nothing.

any ideas?



Which map are you using? I’m wondering if the map URL is still valid.

Good question Mike, there the PA AccuWX Radar/SAT (Animated) maps.

I did a test and changed it to several other states, same selection and those worked fine.

It seems like PA animated is the culprit.

It looks like the source removed or changed the link:

The map is down on their website:

The Small Loop works.


So what is the next step to get this working?

admiral, since this is not an issue with Weather Watcher Live, there is nothing I can do on my end to resolve the issue. Anyone could contact to alert them of the issue on their website.