Active city bug

When you delete several cities, some city names appear in the menu above “add active city” menu.


Do you have the problem after WW does an Update? After you recycle WW? Do you see the old names in CityCode.cmd? (It’s a text file, open it with Notepad)

I deleted that file and re-installed WW. Hoipefully that will solve the problem.


It’s still doing it.

dlbryant, which version of Weather Watcher do you have?

version 5.6.23

It’s still doing it (putting some cities above “add New city” in the menu), especially after deleting cities. I have the latest version of WW. I even tried to uninstall WW and then re-intstall it, without success.

Mike, try adding 5 cities and then delete them and then close out the options window, then right click and then check out the change active city.


dlbryant, when done, I did not have any duplicate cities. However, all of my delete cities appeared above “Add New City…” in the “Change Active City” menu.

If you go back into the Weather Watcher Options, do you see still see your deleted cities?

What happened with you is exactly what I’m talking about.

Is thst s bug?

Yes. Try the following fix:

I got it working!

Also there is a bug where you get an runtime error when changing skins.

Yes, I saw your other post. I have not been able to reproduce that issue yet.