Access the WW data outside of WW

I had an idea to get what I want. I was thinking of making a frameset and loading the WW html files withing cells of that framset to get the denser multipanel display I want with Internet Explore in fullscreen mode

anyway to test it I loaded daily.html into my browser but the the ICON images do not load (the wind icons do but not the meto consult icons)

I found out why in the URL LOCATION tag the / reverse at some poiunt and this is clearly why it can not load but does not explain why it can load in WW and why WW generates the HTML like this ??

this is what is in the html

C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher/Skins/Icons/Meteo Consult/26.gif

but this is what it SHOULD be

C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Icons\Meteo Consult\26.gif

how do I fix this ?

Chris Taylor

Ok never mind although the code is goofy Internet Explorer compensates and the images load fine

one other thing.

How can I limit the forcast to 5 days ?

ideally I would like to SPLIT it into 2 5day files instead of one 10day file

a single 5 day file is good enough if the 2 5day is not doable ?

also when there is a severe alert it adds a MORE INFO link to the current conditions section.

how do I change the framset TARGET of this link ?

here is what I have so far

unzip and drop those files inside your classic folder with the other html files

load this FULL SCREEN in Internet Explorer (press F11 and make sure tool bar is set to auto hide) and screen size of 800x600

Chris Taylor