"A perfect and absolute blank" - The Hunting of the Snark

I am running Windows Vista SP1. I have just downloaded and installed “Weather Watcher Live” and the main page - double click on the task bar icon - is a perfect and absolute blank. Also in options if I look at the dropdown on the Skins tab there is nothing there - However if I look in the skins folder in the program files the skins seem to be there.

I have tried un-installing and reinstalling to no available -

Please advise me

Many thanks


Do you have Windows Vista UAC enabled? If so, try running Weather Watcher Live as an administrator. See the “If you must run a program as an administrator, you may want to set up the program so that you automatically run it as an administrator” section of the following article for more information:


Mike - Thank you - I ran Weather Watcher Live as an Administrator - that worked OK - then after that it now seems OK to run normally.

Again thank you