A missing "goodie"

1 WW is a cracker application - full marks and thanks

2 “Give 'em a inch and they’ll want a mile”!!

3 A feature that I would find most usefull is a display of “Local time”

To me this seems a basic parameter which one has to know in order to interpret most of the other information.

Ideally it would be added to the “Tray Tooltip” tab of Weather Watcher options in the second position (immediately following “Location”)

Check the Last Observed check box in the Tray Tooltip tab of the Weather Watcher Options window. That time is the local time.

Sorry but it’s NOT the current local time

It is the time your computer says is the current Local time.

However Mike I think Colin sets his WW icon to monitor the temperature at a location other than he is in and wants the time to represent the time zone of the city he is monitoring, ie the Current Location time. Does weather.com provide that info?

Colin, the Observed time should be displaying the time the displayed weather conditions were recorded at the set location. Is that not what you’re seeing?

EdP, check out the screenshot below. I live in PA, but my active city is in CA. The observed time is the local time in CA. What am I missing?


EdP is onto it!

I live in New Zealand my son is in Amsterdam - when I am looking at WW I want to know what the current time is in Amsterdam.

WW does not currently show this - I presume that the “Observed time” is when the reading was taken, it certainly is not the current time in Amsterdam.

Rationale: is it an appropriate time, too early or too late to phone him?

Re: EdP is onto it!


I’m not sure this falls within the scope of an application that was created to display weather data.

Re: EdP is onto it!

son-of-a-gun!! :shock: Who knew!! :icon_smile:

My normal WW city is my local city so the times are always reasonable and the only one I normally check is the time of the last Download. With the notebook and suspension and hibernation I use it to see if I need to manually poke WW to update. :icon_smile:

Ok, a worthwhile rational and while beyond the scope of WW the desired time can be determined with little effort. While the times; WW Observed, WW Download and system, are not the same you should be able to determine the location’s time by taking the hour portion of the Observed time plus the minutes portion of the system time. And if the system’s minutes are less than the location’s minutes, add 1 to the hour.

For examples:

Observed = 8:23PM, system = 11:45PM => location’s time is 8:45PM
Observed = 10:53AM, system = 1:12PM => location’s time is 11:12AM


I am sure there are small apps that can run in the System Tray that will show you a location’s time and if not free for a reasonable amt. Google should be able to help.


What do you think of this one Colin?


"Wclock is a free, customisable, always-on-top world time clock for Win32 computers. Last updated 4 February 2007. "



International Time

Finally made time to have a brief look @ WClock.

Good but not as good as ClockRack, which although Freeware (alas) is available from PCMagazine who charge to download!??

F F F Figure that if you can!

Those of us who got it yonks ago are still happy with it but the dream of adding it to WW would still be better than opening another app.

Thanks for your help.

Re: International Time

I remember years ago using a program from PCMagazine called StartupCop – an amazing program. After forgetting to grab it off an older PC I went without for months. Then I tried searching the web with little luck until I simply added .zip to the file name: startcop.zip – worked like a charm. :slight_smile:


I remember the PC Mag utilities well and still have a bunch installed.

WinTidy, WinPointer, VolumeSet, PrintNow, Password Pro. IconEdit32, Font Viewer and DiskPie to name a few. I subscribed to the mag primarily for the utils. :iconbiggrin: