A Beta 11 bug!!

I seemed to have lost the ability to Change Active City. It doesn’t work via the tray icon’s menu or the WW Option’s Active City tab.

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And I was getting “Server not found” errors when manually Updating the forecasts!!! But now everything is working again!!

Not sure what happened, or why. Maybe weather.com was moving servers around and the 'net’s DNS servers that my ISP uses were not updated yet.

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Hi Ed,
I’ve got Beta 11 and am having no trouble changing the Active City. I see you posted about an hour ago at 1:10 AM. Just to let you know, Weather.com’s site was not working properly for about an hour right around then. I noticed my WW wasn’t updating so I went to their site and it was down. It should be working right now.

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WW Version 5.6 Beta 11
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