(7.2.197) Blank weather map and very slow getting weather updates!

I am running “7.2.197”. and my weather Map is blank it also takes way to long when getting weather update refreshes. The bar seems to stop half way many many times!

I also got a pop up message telling me I need to install Flash Player for internet Explorer.

No way am I going to install Flash Player on my computer not to mention I have not used Internet Explorer in years!!

I went back to “7.2.194” which is working fine for me.

But I do miss the newer looking map in “7.2.197” :frowning:

Version 7.2.199 should resolve both of those issues. You can either download it from my homepage here or auto install it by choosing “Check for New Version” from the Weather Watcher system tray menu.

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Thanks for fixing both issues very quickly! :slight_smile:

The weather map is showing again and when refreshing the weather it does update quicker now about 9 seconds. Although it would be great if it was even quicker like maybe under 5 seconds.

Thanks :slight_smile: