5.6.53 Lost Internet Connection


I think windows had a recent update that caused this version to break. It broke this program on my work computer as well as my home computer. Windows 10

I love this program because it stays out of the way.

I haven’t updated/changed the free version of Weather Watcher for many years. I suspect The Weather Channel changed something that broke it, but I’m not certain since I did not dig into the code. I have no plans to do so though since I’m not allowed to release new updates. The Weather Channel told me to stop distributing it since it’s allowing people to use their weather data for free.

If you’re interested, you can check out my current version of Weather Watcher at www.WeatherWatcherLive.com.

Same here, Version 5.6.53, tested on 2 differnet machines with different internet providers. It was since the last Windows Update day in May.

I think Mike S is right, the Weather Channel must have changed something. I had the original Weather Watcher (WW) installed on a couple systems at home, but I haven’t yet applied the Windows updates from the most recent patch Tuesday this month (May, 2016) on one of them. Even so, the unpatched system still had issues connecting recently.

I’m now evaluating Weather Watcher Live (WWL). I’ve tweaked the settings to provide the same level of information in the tooltip as I had going with WW, but the display is a little large for my taste. You can actually run both versions simultaneously, which makes setting up WWL pretty easy. With the rather minor annoyance of the larger tooltip, it does work much the same, though, so I’ll probably purchase it.


5.6.53 Started working again today! I’m trying to get familiar with Weather Watcher Live and should probably pay Mike some money since I’ve been using his program for so many years.

It is broken again, data service at desktopfw.weather.com redirects to web page at weather.com instead of providing data feed.

My ancient version of Weather Watcher quit working Monday (I’m not sure how to tell what version it is, it was the last version before the switch to Live.) It’s definitely the Weather Channel, my husband uses a personal weather program that he wrote for himself that pulls images from the Weather Channel, and his program also has quit working.


May 23, 2016

You were the best.


It was very nice while it lasted every day.
Mike,thank you very much for all these years.
Regards from Spain.

How about an interface to the free IBM service that PCuser posted about?

I have no plans to continue to develop the old free version of Weather Watcher.

same here, no connection :???:

I have the same connect problem for about 2 weeks and I’m becoming to be some nervous, I like Weather Watcher 5.6.53 the most and I don’t mind to change ths program. I have tried the newer ones and I haven’t like any of them. Please Mike do something that we could use the old simple (and the best) version. We could pay You If it is needed…

It’s a shame because I used to use the free version quite a lot. Does the paid version still work?

Yes. You can download it from www.WeatherWatcherLive.com.