5.6.32 Map Manager preview bug

I can view a map via a RIGHT click on the tray icon and selecting a map from the Favorite Map menu but if I open the same map in WW’s Map Manager the Preview window shows a broken link. The link under the Preview window appears to be correct but dbl clicking on it opens IE with a HTTP 404 error window. And the URL in the IE window is corrupted like so:

http://www.opentopia.com/images/cams/wo … sphere.jpg¦World¦http://www.opentopia.com/images/cams/world_sunlight_map_hemisphere.jpg
I suspect this is the problem with the Map Manager Preview window also.

Maps selected in Map Manager screw up the FavoriteMaps.ww links also. If you manually correct the file’s URLs they open fine as WW maps.

Thought you would like to know. I didn’t test this in 31.

Did you replace your maps when you last installed Weather Watcher? If not, then you are most likely experiencing an issue that is unique to your computer. Try hand-editing that file to fix the URLs (one per line). You’ll want to make sure Weather Watcher is closed before editing that file.

I did indeed select the replace the maps option with the .32 upgrade.

Did you notice this issue right after installing Weather Watcher?

The maps file that is included with the Weather Watcher setup appears to be okay. I’m wondering if a certain action corrupted the maps file.

I believe I did.

I do see that in the replaced file I have maps that I had manually added via Map Manager previously!! Does the update process add maps from the FavoriteMaps file? Some of the World Favorites are duplicated and corrupted also.

The Weather Watcher setup does not touch the existing favorite maps file. If the maps are corrupt there, then the file needs to be hand-edited, or delete it and let Weather Watcher recreate it on the next startup.

I’m not concerned about the FavoriteMaps file. I just thought it played a part in the Maps.ww file problems.

As for deleting it and WW recreating it, if the URLs are corrupted in Maps.ww won’t they be added to the FavoriteMaps file that way again? The file was working ok before I used Map Manager.

Anyways I just thought you should know that 30c was working fine and after the upgrade to 32 there are problems. How or what the cause is I don’t know.

Yes. However, the maps files in the Weather Watcher setup is not corrupt in any way.

I’m not sure what happened on your computer either. I was hoping you’d be able to recreate the problem.

Give me a link to a clean Map.ww file and I will see if I can recreate the problem outside of a reinstall.

My Maps.Backup is 88KB and the new Maps.ww is 90KB.
There is no corruption in the Backup file, which included 5 URLs I added,
there was no corruption in the FavoriteMaps.ww file prior to the upgrade, which also includes my 5 URLs in addition to the default World set of URLs.

The current WW system has corruption in the FavoriteMaps.ww file and the corresponding URLs in the new Maps.ww file. The new Maps file contains my 5 URLs.

Even if the install didn’t replace my prior Maps.ww file with the new one but rather merged the two, which could explain the addition of my 5 URLs to it, it doesn’t explain the corruption of those URLs in the two files.


Haven’t tried the other machine today but did the following on the notebook:

[code]1. WW 5.6.31
a. List Win Profile dir
b. Backup Map files - dir1.txt, FavoriteMaps.ww, Maps.ww, Maps.Backup, mm.html, wmp.html
c. Viewed several maps via Right click WW Favorite Maps options - top 2 !Mine, bottom 2 World
d. Viewed same maps in Map Manager and view using the links under the MM Preview window
e. Verified URLs in FavoriteMaps.ww and Maps.ww. All OK.
f. Closed down WW.

Downloaded and installed 5.6.32

  1. WW 5.6.32
    a. List Win Profile dir
    b. Backup Map files - same as #2 plus dir2.txt
    c. Viewed several maps via Right click WW Favorite Maps options - top 2 !Mine, bottom 2 World
    d. Viewed same maps in Map Manager and view using the links under the MM Preview window
    e. Verified URLs in FavoriteMaps.ww and Maps.ww. All OK.

NB Prompt to replace or merger maps never came up.
Size of Maps.ww 88KB both before and after the upgrade.
A WeatherWatcher.log now present in Win Profile folder.
07/21/2008 17:22:46: Error 70: Permission denied at line 1340 (modMain.Main)[/code]

So it appears that the base .32 code itself isn’t corrupting the map files but there is some kind of error installing new maps.ww files. I’ll check the other machine later for a WeatherWatcher.log file.

Other pc does not have a WeatherWatcher.log file.

:-k Certainly not a Maps.ww file. :dontknow:

Or even a Maps.ww2 file. [-(

I found an older Maps.ww on my backup drive, and on a USB stick, but was unable to repeat the bug using the 5.6.33 install which prompted for replacing maps.

At this point I will probably give up. But I can’t imagine anything on my machine that would have caused the maps to replicate and for the problem to be limited to maps selected as Favorites.

The only thing that may be unique with my Map files are the 5 maps I added have a Category name of !Mine so that they sort to the top of the list. However, the problem occurred with the WW World maps also. The only common link is the FavoriteMaps file.

Hopefully whatever tests you have for valid names support the Windows special characters; !, $, #, ^, %, @.

If there is a bug somewhere, the only way to fix it would be to first reproduce it. I haven’t been able to do that as of yet, so there is not much I can do at this point.