5.6.25 - World map (??)

The latest world map is anything but. It appears to show the United States, the northern half of South America, and a bit of Africa. The previous world map was very informative even if not cartographically accurate.

Just to ensure we are on the same page, can you post the URL to the map in question?

I suspect barryoakley is referring to:

Previous world map: http://www.intellicast.com/WeatherImg/S … /world.gif

Current world maps: http://www.opentopia.com/images/cams/wo … sphere.jpg"
http://www.opentopia.com/images/cams/wo … ngular.jpg

I’ll add the previous world map back to the default Weather Watcher map list. I must have overlooked it when I was clearing out the broken maps.

Thanks. I’ve found that recently, when I look at the new rectangular map, it does show the full world, sometimes. If I am not running in a maximised window, I seem to only get a small part - hence my comment about “USA and nAfrica”. Although this map gives a good “pretty” picture, I think the previous one highlights the World weather situation better - at least for me.

I’m glad to see it is being returned.

You can of course till then manually add it to your current WW maps and maps history. :icon_smile: