5.6.25 Maps

I thought Maps.ww was to be one of the %UserProfile%\Application Data\WeatherWatcher files. The install of 25 did not update the Maps.ww file in the Profile folder. Which files are support to go into the Profile folder?

All user-specific files should be copied from the Weather Watcher program folder to the Windows user profile folder. I’ll have to correct this issue for the next release.

Define “user-specific files”.
Define who/what performs the “should be copied”.

“Copied” implies a copy remains in the install/ww.exe folder.

Currently my profile folder includes:


I just don’t remember which ones WW put there and which ones I manually copied there. I believe all execs of WW were either with -id or no switch at all.

Technically I think the forecast and alert html files should go there also unless the -id argument is used, at which point they should all stay where they are.