5.4b Nits

I don’t want to overemphasize nits in this GREAT program, but I’ll do my duty.

  1. Again, the update did not respect my non-standard install dir of c:\web\wwatch, and installed a partial set of files to “c:\progra~1\youknowwhere”, or whatever the LFN of your default is. I didn’t see the new icon, since I use an icon in a folder that stays open on the desktop most of the time. That old icon ran the old copy of 5.4a just fine (g). I didn’t even get to try the new icon, since I wised up and immediately downloaded the full 5.4b. That did an overwrite install, properly, when I told it where to look. Can’t it detect a nonstandard previous install?

  2. I don’t see any italicizing in the tray temp when I turn that on in Options (I assume that’s what an italic “icon” is). I exited and restarted WW. Maybe if the temp hasn’t changed, something gets cached and I see no italics?