I have tried everything on this forum, delete key.ww, delete in all, reinstall, update, clean out the registry, anything i could think off, still all pages fail.
My city code works when I go to weather.com. I have a linksys router and I have never needed to allow anything in it before, so I dont need to now do I?
Any way, I await the next generation to fix it. BTW, I installed this on my boses computer at work back in July, version 5.0.26 or lower, and it works, day after day, without fail. Maybe we should downgrade the version for now?
Just a thought.

I plan to have a fix out on Sunday/Monday night. I’d release it earlier, but I’m away for the weekend. I need to have a life too [:D]

In the meantime, please give the beta a try. I’ve been testing it for over a month, so it works pretty well (very stable too!).

You can download the current 5.0.28 beta here:
http://singer.cwco.net/BETA502810.ZIP (case-sensitive)

  • Installation Instructions *

  1. Download and unzip the “BETA502810.ZIP” file to the folder of your
    choice (create a new folder).

  2. Run “WW.EXE” from the above folder.

  3. Set up all of your Weather Watcher options in the Options window. The options are now stored in a .INI file. Each Windows user will have their own custom options.

  • Features In The Works *

  1. Resizable main window
  2. Skinnable interface
  3. Alternate interface language
  4. Set your wallpaper to any map from the Map Manager

  • Feedback? *

Please let me know what you think of the beta. What should doesn’t work? What should I change? What should I add?