3 icons showing, 3 sessions running, only want one

I can figure out how to do everything except get rid of the two icons I don’t want.

You can adjust the icons in the “Toolbar Icons” section of the Options window. The current conditions icon must always be displayed.

Use the “Maximum number of icons to display” dropdown to set the number of daily/hourly icons to display. Setting both dropdowns to zero will hide all daily/hourly icons – leaving just the current conditions icon.

Thank you for your reply. I already had “Maximum number of icons to display” set to 1. I have hourly forecast icon set to zero. Still, I see a sunny icon, the current temperature (with a little up arrow), and another sunny icon. It’s almost as if I have multiple instances running. Is that possible?

On my old Windows XP computer, I had an icon in the bottom right corner of my desktop, (not my browser), that I could click on and see an hourly forecast for the day. I see that one of the options in Weather Watcher is “hourly forecast”, but when I either icon, or the temperature, a page for Weather Bug opens, and that information isn’t on Weather Bug.

Appreciate your response,


Sorry…hourly forecast CAN be found on Weather Bug. my bad. It’s not on the Weather Bug iPhone app.

There are two “Maximum number of icons to display” dropdowns. One is for the daily forecast, and the other is for the hourly forecast. Currently, your extension is setup to show the current condition icon and one daily forecast icon. Setting both dropdowns to “0” will remove all but the current conditions icon.

The only way to see the hourly forecast is to display one or more hourly forecast icons. Clicking any of the icons in the extension will link you back to WeatherBug.com for more details.

Have you tried the Weather Watcher Live Windows application? You can view the entire hourly forecast without linking back to WeatherBug.com. If you haven’t seen it, then check out the virtual demo at http://www.SingersCreations.com.