24hr time and hourly forecast weirdness

When 24 hour time is selected, the hourly forecast tab time/date is, um, weird.

When 12 hour time is selected, the hourly forecast items show 9 AM Wednesday, 10 AM Wednesday, etc., as you’d expect.

when 24 hour time is selected, the hourly forecast items show 09 Wednesday, 10 Wednesday, etc., which is a bit disconcerting.

I expected something like 0900 or 09:00 with the day of the week tacked on behind.

Edit: And thank you for your fine software. I really appreciate the time you take to make it so slick. Great job.

Weather Watcher Live 0.0.35 should resolve this issue. You can download the new build from the following link:


Mike, I don’t know if that fixed it or not, as now I have the issue some others have reported with .35, WWL closes as soon as you try to open the main window. I can open the options window, but opening the main window kills the program. Running xpsp2.

tenzip, I’m working on that issue.

Here is another new build:

Please let me know if this build resolves this issue for you.

Mike, it seems to work fine now. It doesn’t crash, and the hours display properly. I haven’t had a chance to go through and test anything else, but I’ll let you know if I notice anything else.

tenzip, great news. Thank you for the feedback :cool:

Well, I told you I’d let you know if I noticed anything else, so here you go. Now I have no time at all on the slider bar at the bottom of the “Now” window. Just temps and icons for sky conditions.

tenzip, the times should be showing in the latest version of Weather Watcher Live: