120 dpi font size in windows - no good font from list

Hi. I changed my monitor dpi from standard 96 to 120. It is wonderful not to have to put on glasses to see the monitor anymore - everything is better - except Weatherwatcher. The font being used to indicate temperature on my taskbar is stretched and has no distinct edges (yes, I have turned font smoothing on).
I would like to set that font to whichever font the system is using - and that every other program is using - so that the number is intelligible again. I have tried every selectable font in my fonts folder, one by one - at 8, 10 & 12 - all of the fonts I have tried are blurry. Any idea how to make the font “default” to one that Windows chooses - so it can display properly at 120dpi?
WindowsXP, 2 computers - 1 toshiba laptop, 1 dell inspiron - both over 1G ram, same problem on both computers (user: competent)
Thank you

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The problem is related to Tryue Type fonts and ClearType.