1.014 settings not saved in chromium 6.x

Once I upgraded chromium from a 5.x build to a 6.x build (with Weather Watcher Live 1.0.14 already installed & with settings changed/saved) the WWL extension quit remembering options.

I first noticed this on a Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 machine with Chromium 6.0.398.0 (build 46628).

I use Mulder’s Chromium Updater (http://mulder.dummwiedeutsch.de/home/?page=projects#chromium) to periodically update chromium to the latest build that has passed all automated tests.

After an update the other day, when chromium launched, the options page for Weather Watcher Live came up. I noticed the toolbar button had n/a instead of the temperature. In the options page, everything was set back to initial defaults. After adding a station & changing a few other options, I saw the toolbar change to the correct temp. & went about browsing. The next time I launched chromium, the settings were back to the default. I could tell the chrome-extension_[weather watcher live extension ID]_0.localstorage file hadn’t been updated since a couple of days before then.

I commented about it on the Google Chrome Extensions page at https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/migekhbneabjkfadmgpimohcoclbbcfp.

Today, on a Windows XP Pro SP3 machine, I updated from chromium 5.x to 6.0.400.0 (46810) and saw the same behavior with Weather Watcher Live 1.0.14 (which was also already installed & had settings saved).

I assume something has changed with how data is saved to chrome’s preference system (as it’s called in your Options.js). shrug I wish I could be of more help, I just don’t know much about how that works in 5.x or 6.x.

While chromium is running, the settings stick, but they’re lost once you close & reopen the browser. :frowning:

It looks like there is a bug in Chromium:

Thanks for the pointer. Turns out, bug 43572 was a dupe of 43561 which was looks like it was fixed in 46874(?), but my updater is only grabbing build 46859 so I’ll check it out again tomorrow. :slight_smile: