0.0.36 - will not start minimized

Mike, Brand new install (brand new machine, see sig).

WWL will not start up minimized - I thought this had been fixed but apparently not…

Vista Ultimate SP1 64bit.

Is there a 0.0.36 or is 0.0.33 the latest?

0.0.36 is the latest, have a look Here

I didn’t attempt to fix this yet because I was unable to reproduce this issue. Can you send me an export of your Weather Watcher Live registry key so I can run a test with your exact settings?

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher Live

Sure - PM me your email addy.

On its way.

OK, this seems to be fixed. I have other issues but I need to test them with the new build to see if it works or not.

Will not minimize on start

Same problem johngalt experienced. Don’t know how it was resolved for him, but registry is set to True for StartMin entry and yet, it does not start minimized. Using version 0.0.36. Non beta version of program works correctly, so it must be something internal to the Live version. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, and by the way, a most excellent program. Good job!

deptr, here is the build I gave johngalt:

That took care of the problem. Thanks.