WWL V7.2.72 not showing local stations

This applies to Windows 10x64 Insider Build 14393 and WWL V7.2.72. It is for Zip Code 25177.

Several local weather stations are not showing up in LOCAL display nor in the list of weather stations available to be added.

For example:

Saint Albans, WV (Forest Brook Dr.)
Saint Albans, WV (Near Lakewood Elementary School)

These two have been in my list of weather stations for some time and I can select either of them and they appear to be active.


I think you may have some type of timing issue going on when displaying the available weather stations. This is for 25177. Reference my attached Pictures

  1. When I open Local, the first screen shows only one St. Albans, WV station.
  2. If I expand that screen a couple of times, a second St. Albans, WV station appears.
  3. If I expand it again, a third St. Albans, WV station appears.