WWL V7.0.29- Issue with Magnets not opening correctly.

Windows 7 x64 Professional, DisplayFusion V3.2.0, WWL V7.0.29

I have 2 magnets (100% size) and locked in position on my second monitor. Every now and then on a system reboot, the 2 magnets do not initially display correctly. They appear as white boxes approximately 25% of the original size. Refreshing them does not correct the problem. I have to close WWL and restart it. Then they appear properly.

Early this morning I updated from v7.0.28 to v7.0.29. After the installation I rebooted and the magnets opened properly. Later I shut down the computer for a few hours. I just restarted and 0 magnets appeared…not even the white boxes. I shut down WWL and restarted it…no magnets appeared. So I created a new magnet. As soon as I created the new magnet, the original 2 magnets opened in their proper location on my second monitor. I deleted the new magnet, rebooted the computer and the original 2 magnets opened properly.

There appears to be something flaky in the magnet handling component of WWL. It may be related to multi-monitors…I don’t know.

Edit: The small white box “magnets” most frequently occur on reboot following doing system maintenance such as an offline defrag with PerfectDisk 11 Pro or a registry compact with jv16 PowerTools 2010.


The magnets don’t load properly if no Internet connection is available when Weather Watcher Live is started. That’s probably the case at times when your computer boots up. I’ll have to add some new logic to work around that issue.

Okay, thanks! :icon_smile: