WWL V6.1.10 with Splendid2 skin suggestions

First, the Splendid2 skin is a great addition. Really like the map inclusion.\

A couple of suggestions to consider.

  1. The map can be fairly out-of-date when opening to NOW. It would seem appropriate to automatically force an update of the weather to get the map in synch when opening to the NOW display or when first opening the display window from the tray icon.

  2. Considering that the thermometer color option has a blue/red feature (I use blue above 32/red below 32), it is a bit confusing to have the night/day color scheme for the Temp to be blue/red as well on the Hourly/Daily screen. In my opinion, these should either follow the thermometer color scheme based on above/below freezing or be a different color scheme…such as purple/green or green/brown for day/night

What do you mean by the “map inclusion”?


The map has always been there on the now screen. That isn’t new with the new skin.

Hmmm…old age attentiveness is waning faster than I thought… :-#

Been there myself a few times. :wink:

But it is a little larger, isn’t it? :???:

Yes, it is, to make room for the “Currently” condition at the top. Making the map bigger is a nice addition.