WWL V6.06 Blocked on Computer Restarted - Vista SP1 64-bit

I’m running Vista SP1 64-bit Business with UAC enabled. WWL V6.06 is blocked from starting up when my system is started up.

I can make it start up okay by adding it to the Task Scheduler to run with highest privileges on computer startup. Previous versions of WWL experienced the same issue.

It looks like this issue is being caused by the settings on your computer, rather than something within Weather Watcher Live itself. The following Google search returns a lot of links that appear to contain related information:


Yes, I agree it is a security privileges issue. In reading the link below, the fact that ww.exe has “Run as Administrator” activated, it appears that something is violated…such as no digital signature…that is causing Vista to block ww.exe on startup.


If I uncheck “Run as Administrator” on ww.exe, the program will start up without being blocked on system startup. For what reason is it necessary to run ww.exe with administrative privileges?

I run Vista Ultimate 64 bit with UAC enabled. I experience no start up problems with WWL (version doesn’t matter).


Very interesting. What type of User Account do you sign on with…administrator or limited? I sign on only with an Administrator account (not the hidden administrator account).

Hi siliconman01

I sign on with my own name but I have administrative rights. Further more I did not set any program properties (like ‘run as administrator’).

I installed WWL on a friends computer (Vista Home version?). He also has admin rights and also doesn’t have any start-up problems.

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