WWL Local Map

When zooming using the local page the menu bar vanishes from top of page. Can only re-instate by closing page and re opening?

That issue has been resolved in Weather Watcher version 7.2.92. You can download that installer here. It’s okay to install this update right over top of your current version of Weather Watcher.

Thanks Mike, I still had 7.2.89, have updated to 7.2.92 and problem solved. Just wonder why last 2 updates did not get update messages, even when I clicked on ‘check for updates’ was told I have latest version which was 7.2.89?

I just clicked on the download button here and it downloads 7.2.89. I am with you it did not tell me there was a new version on the last two updates.

I often create a lot of builds that are never publicly released. People complain when I release too many builds :frowning: