WWL and Windows 10

This is for information and “instigating” a possible fix concerning Windows 10 x64 Pro Technical Preview Build 10159 and WWL V7.2.47. Basically I’ve seen no operational problems with WWL and Windows 10 on 2 separate desktops and a MS Surface Pro tablet.

The only issue that occurs is that on a system startup/reboot, the tooltip windows opens up. Just moving the mouse closes the tooltip instantly. The tray icon must think that the mouse is hovering over it when WWL starts up. This is occurring on all 3 of my systems with Windows 10.


Thanks! I’ll test this out once Windows 10 has been released.

Same thing here. When Windows 10 starts up, the notification tip window will appear open on the desktop. It doesn’t pop near the notification area, just somewhere on the desktop by itself. To add, it appears before the initial station update occurs. For example, at first startup today the window had last nights info and color. Update: The tip window appears to open where the mouse cursor is located on the desktop.