WWL 7.2.208 Hung in Memory

This applies to Windows 10x64 Pro Build 18362.267 and WWL 7.2.208.

Found ww.exe hung in memory running 37-38% CPU time. I sent you a link of the core dump for ww.exe

exeHanging1 at your support email address.

Update: I should add that it is NOT doing this consistently. Might be just a one time fluke.

There is definitely something amiss in v7.2.208. I’ve had a couple of instances over the past 24 hours where WWL would not respond when hovering over the notification tray icon and had to be restarted.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this one yet, but it could be related to what we’re discussing here:

I installed 209 to see if the issues that I am experiencing cease.