WWL 7.0.37 Several N/A showing on WeatherUnderground Daily

This is on Windows 7 x64 Professional. Zip code 25177.

When using Weather UnderGround stations, there are several N/A Daily displays and also on the Now window. I think it may be because it is not decoding/displaying such info as “76% Chance of Snow Showers” (correctly from these stations. If I switch to Weatherbug for 25177, the N/A does not appear…even on days where it shows “76% Chance of Snow Showers” (example). It appears to be a length issue because it does display “21% Chance of Flurries”.


I am seeing the same thing.

Any daily forecasts of “Chance of snow” were not displaying. Here’s a fix:


Yep, 7.0.38 Fixed it right up. Thanks again. =D>

Thanks for the fix … this was bugging me too. :icon_smile: