WWL Vista x64


For the most part, WWL works fine - but every now and again, I have noticed that WWL has stopped working messages popup - I cannot be 100% when it happens, but it is degrading my reliability scores massively - it happens at least once a day.

Would this be related to unable to obtain data from the station I have selected (it happens to be an AFB) or is this something else?

Just as an example, I just booted about 2 hours ago and immediately received the failure message - the tray icon is still italicized, obviously the temp is not updating, but the Wallpaper is updating just fine.

It could be related to your specific station. Try switching for a while and see if you notice the same behavior.

I’ll give it a shot. BTW, I captured the error (it just happened again) - so if you want it I can post it.

The upshot is that the station I use is the only one within 15 miles of my physical location…

Sure, go ahead an post it.

Perfect timing. I switched from the closest site, NWS data, to the third closest site, Weatherbug data (coincidentally at the university where I go to school and am managing a lab…)

And the error just occurred again.


Is this something new for you? I don’t recall this being a problem for you.

It wasn’t - but it started happening recently. According to my Reliability Index, it started 1 July 2008, but WWL was installed on 28 June. Also, it happened 3 times yesterday, and tonight when I was still booting up (well, loading things after logging in to the desktop).

And the last two days at least have been using the closest WeatherBug station around, as opposed to the closes NWS station which I have been using ever since starting out testing WWL.

It doesn’t always seem to break WWL, though, because I just tested it by asking it to update and it didn’t change a thing - all forecast info was the same, the only thing that changed was that the time downloaded shows the new time downloaded - but all forecast info and current conditions info were exactly the same, meaning it was actually downloading OK most of the time.

I don’t think ti is a FW issue, (maybe, but doubt it as it seems to work most of the time) and I only just installed my AV program yesterday - so it isn’t that either.

I just saw that 0.55 build - I have been running 0.52 for a while now - let me see if the new version fixes some thing…

Also, I double checked in Programs and Features (Add / Remove Programs as it is called in Vista) and nothing was installed on the first day WWL failed. Also, there is nothing in Windows Update anywhere near WWL - 26 June is one update then 2 July is the next…so it wasn’t even a Windows update issue.

That is pretty much all the info I have, if you want my Reliability monitor file, or pics, I can send them to ya / post them to my Google account.