WW19a square on bootup and CPU hogging

I installed WW 5.6.20. Whenever I reboot the computer a small windows square appears on my screen saying WW 5.6.19a that I must click “ok” on to get rid of. I can reproduce this by simply telling WW to check for new version. If I do that then after I click “ok” it tells me that I am using the latest version.

Also, yesterday I had to kill the WW process because it was hogging up all my CPU and everything else I was doing slowed to a crawl.

If I check “about” ww it says I am using version 5.6.20 so I don’t know what that 5.6.19a square that keeps appearing and requires me to click “ok” on is.

Please take a screenshot of the square and post it here. If you’re not sure how to post screenshots, then please e-mail it to me at Mike@SingersCreations.com.

For screenshot instructions see: http://www.singerscreations.com/forum/v … c&start=10

Here is a screen shot of the box. I clicked check for new version and this is what I get.


Yup, me too. :eek:

Me three :neutral:

Here’s a fix:

That resolves it. Thanks :icon_smile: