WW won't open?

Ok, first off, I am not a very techie gal so please bear with me. I’ve been using WW for over a year now, but over the weekend my husband had to wipe my hard drive and reinstall everything. He’s done this before with no problems, and he is very techie (but he’s not here to help me, that’s why I’m here)

So, we downloaded and installed WW, the newest version. It works in the tray, but it won’t open the window to see the daily forecast etc. I get a tab at the bottom of my screen, but clicking it doesn’t do anything.

I have Windows XP, I run Firefox as my default browser. Everything is up to date. We do have Zone Alarm, though I checked it and it looks to me like WW is allowed to access the net (it has green checkmarks, not red X’s)

I’d have my hubby look into this but he’s out to sea for a while. I’m capable of following instructions, I just have no clue what to try to do to fix this.

I’ve really enjoyed WW, much more so than the one you can get as an add on to FFox… so I really hope we can fix this. I already miss being able to check my weather and maps.

Thanks for your time…

Are you running IE 7?

There have been cases in the past where the WW opens but off the screen. When the app shows in the task bar RIGHT click on it and then click on the Maximize option. WW should then be visible and you can resize and move it to where you want.


Well, something I did enabled me to finally get the window to open, though now it just acts like I’m not connected to the net.

I guess for now I will just have to settle for the fact that it gives me the current stuff from the tray, I’ll let my husband fiddle with it once he gets home. I just don’t have the energy to deal with it.

Thanks for your time though =) I do appreciate your response!


Why do you say that? What happens if you click on the Update button?

What do you see whan you open WW’s Option window’s Auto Update tab? What is the Update rate set for?

Not sure if this should be a new thread, or not, but since I believe I’m having the identical problem…

I’m a longtime WW user. I just got a new PC with Windows Vista Ultimate. My WW system tray icon works fine. However, no matter what method I use to start up WW itself, I cannot get the main program to start up. I get a taskbar button for Weather Watcher, but no Weather Watcher window. If I left click or right click the taskbar button, nothing happens. If I let my mouse pointer hover over the taskbar button, I get a small window showing the Weather {Guy | God}, and nothing else.

Any ideas?

BTW, Mike, this also means I won’t be submitting any more Windows 2000 bugs. :wink:

That’s because the 1st time you use WW on a new install there is a screen that informs you that you are a new user and prompts you to input your location and other options.

Check your logs; av, as, fw, Vista and see which one blocked the WW prompt and Options windows. I’ve only installed WW on one Vista system and did not have this problem.

If you find the cause please report back how you found it and how you resolved it.


I did a quick check of my logs, and found nothing. For argument’s sake I did an uninstall/reinstall - and that fixed it!

If I were to guess, I’d blame Norton Internet Security, which I deleted off my new system on day two. Of course, WW got installed on day one!

Weather Watcher Won’t Run

I had the previous version of Weather Watcher, and it worked great! I loved it. Unfortunately, whenever I install it encounters a file it can’t delete adn it wont’ tell me what the file is. I keep pressing the “retry” button, but it doesn’t resolve anything. I eventually just click “Ignore” and it finishes installing. But then whenever I try to actually run the program, it doesn’t do anything. I don’t get it running in the system tray or anything. Nothing runs. I really want to get this running though because I really enjoyed the previous version.

Re: Weather Watcher Won’t Run

Well, normally a WW update requests that the prior version of WW be shutdown before the update can continue. Assuming that you did that I can’t image what could be causing the error msg. Please post a screen shot of your desktop with the error msg so we can see if there is anyway to determine the file causing the problem.

How would I attach the picture? I see the img html tag, but the image isn’t on the web, it’s just on my computer.

I just happened to notice this a second ago: I was looking in my task manager and when I looked in the applications tab there was WW. It’s running, but there’s nothing in the system tray.

See the Two Step process outlined here: http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/v … 5&start=10

Sounds like you’ve discovered the source of the problem. Shutdown/cancel the running WW app then try the update.

Well, what do you know? It’s working now.

But go figure I somehow managed to encounter another problem. This one should be a pretty easy fix though. I set all my settings, and then clicked update, but it keeps coming back saying “Error: Server not found!” Do I need to go somewhere in the program and set it to Weather.com or something?

No, you need to configure your firewall or antivirus or antispyware app to allow the new version of WW to access the 'net. Something is blocking DL.EXE.

Well, I went into the Windows Firewall and made the exception for WW, and it still didn’t work. I went through the browse feature and specifically selected the dl.exe file and it’s still not updating, giving me the “Error: Server not found!” message. I have AVG 7.5 free edition as my anti-virus, but I can’t figure out where I would go in there to unblock the program.

You need to specifically allow the dl.exe to have access through your firewall.

My Windows Live One Care FW asks me on new installs both for WW as well as dl.exe - surprised taht yours isn’t asking you at least once before blocking it…