WW won't open, but ToolTray and Options ok

WW version 5.6.16 will not open a window. The tooltray icon appears and updates and a right-click brings up the options window, but the main window never appears. (A button does pop up on the taskbar, but nothing else.)

WW version 5.6.11 appears as expected but only updates the tray icon, never the main window info.

Any ideas? Thanks.

OS: Win XP Pro SP2 (limited account)
WW version 5.6.11 installed on C:\Weather Watcher
WW version 5.6.16 installed on C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Weather Watcher\


  1. Win XP Pro SP2 (limited account)

  2. Also suspect antispyware sw, firewall sw.

  3. Try running from the admin account.


Yes, after running under an admin account I now get the main window to pop up.

However, it now behaves the way 5.6.11 did–the number on the tray icon changes, but the main window never updates. This behavior happens whether I use “Retrieve Weather” or the update button. With the update button I get a popup saying downloading, processing, then parsing weather data, but then nothing changes.

Only after running under admin privileges (either loggin off and back on or using “Run as?”) does the main window display change. Working full-time under an admin acount is not an option for me.

Should I move this to a bug report?
After reading http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=1408 I tried changing the active city. The temp changes on the tray icon and the new city is listed on the tooltip, but the main window still shows the old city and the old data (from the time it was last run under admin).

If I recall, WW doesn’t share well on multi-user systems. I don’t remember exactly, it was a year or two ago. The problem I believe revolves around the WW forecast’s html files being updated by multiple users and only the owner of the install can do it. You have to install it on each users account I think.

root required?

Actually I’ve installed under both types of accounts and get the same behavior–admin types update without a problem, non-admin accounts update the tray icon but nothing else.

Based on this and the fact that the main window refuses to show up at all untill WW us run under an admin acount, it seems that WW is trying to write in a restricted area or to a restricted file.

Does WW presume it has root access?

WW updates the Registry and the forecast’s .html files. It has no problem updating the Registry under user accounts which is why the Tooltip updates successfully but the .html files, which are the basis of the WW forecast windows, struggle, especially when WW is installed to the c:\Program Files\Weather Watcher folder.

If you install it under different user accounts try installing it to an account’s Document and Settings\userid\WW folder. Each account having it’s own copy may be the solution.

Re: root required?

So then that’s why “All Users” doesn’t work? I need a separate installation for each (non-admin) user account?
Thanks, I’ll try installing in D&S under my main working account and see.

Re: root required?

I believe that’s the solution, but I never got try it myself. Please let us know if it does indeed solve the problem.

So, did it work?? Did it solve the problem?? Inquirying minds want to know. :iconbiggrin:

To install an app to a limited access account it may be necessary to temporarily raise it’s status.

It works

Sorry, the lab’s been crazy, (start of the semester).

Good news: yes, when installed under C:\Documents and Settings\benny\Weather Watcher
for the non-admin account “benny” WW v5.6.16 updates as it should and, so far, seems to work fine.

Bad news: root access is required for installation (I was, however, able to install by using “Run as?” rather than tinkering with changing account privileges .)


Good to hear gossar. Thanks for the update.