WW will not open

In optons I have set the Left Double Click Action to open WW live. It no longer works.

When I double click on the desktop icon to open WW, the icon goes to my taskbar. When I click on the taskbar icon nothing happens - the larger window with all the current info does not open.

Re-istalled the latest version with no change in behavior.

I miss being able to see the hourly forecast.

– Hoby, in Idaho

Are you able to right-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choose Open Weather Watcher Live? If so, does anything happen when you do that?

Attached is what it looks like when I hover the cursor over the icon.

I was referring to the icon in your system tray (in the bottom, right corner of your desktop). If you click the white arrow in your system tray, you’ll be able to see the icons that Windows is hiding. The Weather Watcher Live icon should then display. You should be able to access the main Weather Watcher Live window by clicking on that icon.

My tray icon options are set to open WW Live with one left click and open options with double left click.
I can open the options screen but not the WW Live screen.

I have a desktop icon for WW Live. Clicking on it puts an icon in the task bar - as in the screen shot I posted. Further clicking on the icon does not load WW LIve.

Earlier today I removed WW Live via Control Panel and re-installed. No change in behavior.

This has stopped working in just the last few days. Something I did or a window update, something has caused it to stop working.

Give this a try:

1) If Weather Watcher Live is running, choose “Exit” from the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon to shut it down.

2) Downlod the file below and rename it to “FixLocation.reg”.


3) Double-click the “FixLocation.reg” file to run it. Choose “Yes” when prompted to modify your registry.

4) Run Weather Watcher Live and see if the main window can be displayed on your desktop.

That fixed it. Thanks.

– Hoby, in Idaho