WW related

this could be implimented into WW… allow a user to click on something within the manager which would generate html code that one could put on their website for active weather. maybe such a program would be so extensive it’d have to be completely seperate??

Weather Watcher 5.6 will allow you to log the weather data using a template of your choice. I’m sure you could parse that template into a webpage… or create a template that was in HTML. You’ll see more about what I mean by the “template” when 5.6 is released.

Will there be a WW 5.6 beta that we can play with in the near future? [:)]


Hmmm… might be [:)] Keep an eye on my homepage for details.

well then i axiously await the new version!!! can’t wait to see the new improvments… and i can’t wait to have WW on a website i admin…

i as well am curious about the beta and look forward to being able to test it for ya