WW hourly forecasts start at midnight tomorrow!

My WW has developed a new problem, Windows XP Pro:

WW’s hourly forecast always starts at Midnight tomorrow, rather than starting an hour (or less) from now. It’s starting at the start of the next DAY instead of starting at the start of the next HOUR! My clock and calendar seem fine (re-set with About Time), closing and opening WW doesn’t solve it, nor does re-booting. I looked for a WW.ini file to delete, but I couldn’t find it easily.

Norm, Toronto

This is a known problem. I should have a fix for the next release.

Thanks, Mike. So there’s no work-around, like uninstalling and re-installing, even?

Norm, Toronto

I took Weather Watcher out of my start-up, and let it rest unopened for a day or so. When I re-opened it, it figured out what time it was, and seems OK now.

Norm, Toronto

The problem only seems to occur around midnight.