WW 6.o beta problem

I choose a city (San Martin de los Andes, Argentina or Chapelco) and it brings up the forecast for the city of Temuco in Chile.
I remove all stations and still it shows Temuco.
I add the city of Bariloche, Argentina, choose that city, and it picks up the station Temuco in Chile

On other PC I have version 5.6.24a and the errors mentioned above do not happen.

Weather Watcher Live uses WeatherBug.com as a data source, so the list of available cities is different. When searching for cities, the search results will display the city (weather station) that is closest to the entered city.

So you mean that in version 6, even if the city or airport is listed, it does not retrieve the requested QAM or forecast, but the nearest one (situation that in version 5.6.24a is different because it retrieves the requested one)?
Then I should go back to the older version in this PC, right?

Normally, when a station is down, Weather Watcher Live will pull the data from the next closest station. In your case, Temuco looks like it’s the next closest station.

When stations are down, they normally do not appear in the station search results. That said, I’m not sure why you are not able to see the weather for Chapelco. I’ll contact WeatherBug and ask them to look into this.

Thank you! I will wait to see what they answer. Actually it is odd, as the other computer with the older version never brings up Temuco.