WW 5.6 Beta

You have really out-done yourself! I really like all of the new features… except, I too, still am hooked on the classic skin! We SURE are spoiled! You’ve really done a good job on all the new improvements, not that I didn’t always love the program! My husband and I couldn’t live without our weather watcher!!! So thanks!!! Keep up the great work… I keep telling everyone I know to download it! [;)]

Thanks :slight_smile: I have more updates coming out (hopefully) next week. Keep an eye out at www.SingersCreations.com.

auriez vous une version francaise pour votre logiciel ww 5.6 beta

merci pour votre reponse

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Would you have a French version for your ww 5.6 beta software?

Thank you for your response.

http://translate.google.com/translate_t [:)]</font id=“size1”>


chti59, not at this time. I hope to add language options in a future release.

chti59, pas actuellement. J’esp?re ajouter des options de langue dans un futur d?gagement.

merci pour votre reponse

votre site est super…

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If you need some help to do a french translation of “Weather Watcher 5.6 Beta xx”, I can spend a little bit of my time to help you.

Just send me a text file with expressions you need for this translation and I’ll try to do that as soon as possible.


Christian PIGNOL

barba created a Spanish skin. If you look at his work you should be able to emulate it for a French version.

http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/t … PIC_ID=903

Look at the *.wtp files.


//script made by barba for Weather Watcher only// function replace(){ document.body.innerHTML=document.body.innerHTML .replace(/Smoke/g,'Humo') .replace(/Snow showers/ig,'Nevada aislada') .replace(/Snow shower/ig,'Nevada aislada') .replace(/Snow/ig,'Nieve') .replace(/ Ice /ig,' Hielo') .replace(/Ice/g,' Hielo') .replace(/Blowing Dust/ig,'Ventisca de polvo') .replace(/Mostly Fair/ig,'Poco nuboso ') .replace(/Mostly clear/ig,'Poco nuboso') hth [:)] [b]Ed[/b]