WW 5.6.26 and the GetFile.exe memory could not be read bug

I have been running WW for several years now without problems, but lately it has not been much fun since the GetFile.exe crashes on my machine (Lenovo X60s, XP Professional well patched every possible way, 2.5 GB memory). It is the well known “memory could not be read” error.

I have opened up the Windows firewall for GetFile.exe without any success, and the error can easily be reproduced by opening up the main WW window asking for a manual update. It is always the instruction at “0x010013ae” that tries to read “0x01120028”. However, new weather data is loaded so outside contact is successfully established. Automatic updates take place every hour.

Receiving the GetFile.exe error every hour is an ordeal and will at one point make me stop using the good WW. Any ideas for how to get rid of this error anyone?

geirho, do you receive that error message each time the weather is updated? For example, if you click the “UPDATE” button 10 times in a row, do you see that error message on each of the 10 updates?

The error is fully reproduceable

…it happens every time an update takes place. Two error messages from GetFile.exe, yet the update takes place as anticipated and new data is downloaded.

Any ideas about what to do?

Can you post a screen print of each of the two error msgs?

If you need help doing that see this posting: http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/v … 5&start=10

Images of the two identical errors



Re: WW 5.6.26 and the GetFile.exe memory could not be read b

I have the same problem Since the new version 5.6.26 !!!
I install back the old V.5.25, but same thing happen. May be i should have cleaned the registry before !

New file to me

GetFile.exe is new to me, but I just encountered it when checking the task manager about a different program I am running. I saw it briefly in the task manager; it didn’t cause any problem, but I hadn’t seen or heard of it before. Googling it brought me here.

I do use WeatherWatcher, love it and have been using it for a few years, so thought I’d register and reply so that I can be updated on this.

For everyone that is experiencing this problem, please give the GetFile.exe update below a try. Just download it to your Weather Watcher install folder – should be C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher.


Once the new GetFile.exe has been downloaded to the Weather Watcher install folder, try updating the weather to see if the “the memory could not be read” error message still appears.

If you try this out, I’d appreciate it if you’d post your findings here.

There we go ! No more bug.
Thanx :thumbright:

chopin, thank you for the feedback. I’ll roll this new GetFile.exe out with the next Weather Watcher release.