WW 5.6.21 crashing in Win98SE

I am running into basically the same problem I had with the updates from 5.6.19 through 5.6.20a (the last stable release I had).

I uninstall the old version, leaving the program folder and skins intact. The new version seems to install properly. I set all of my options, and I make sure both “only if connected to internet” and “download at program startup” are NOT checked. When I try to update the weather, the download starts, but hangs before the progress bar completes.

If I close WW, it will exit, but dl.exe is still running in the task manager. There is no “not responding” tag. Trying to close dl.exe from task manager will bring up the “Windows is waiting” dialog. Clicking on “close” causes the system to crash and seize, requiring a power off, reboot, and scandisk.

Uninstalling, rebooting, re-installing doesn’t make a difference.

5.6.20a worked flawlessly, unfortunately I deleted my install copy before trying out 5.6.21. This seems to be the same problem people were having in the Win2k thread on problems with 5.6.19 - 5.6.20.

No changes to IE 6 internet settings between 5.6.20a and 5.6.21

Win98SE fully patched, 666 MHz PIII, 512 mb RAM, cheap 8 mb ATI video card, SB16 sound card, 80 GB hard drive. I know it is a Neanderthal, but it is the oldest work station in the office and won’t be replaced until later this summer or fall. WW has been on it for years, and I would just like to get a working copy back.

For now, can someone point to where 5.6.20a can still be downloaded?, and I will try new versions as they come out. I haven’t had any luck finding a mirror or site that hasn’t already updated to 5.6.21. The problem does not seem to have been posted by others, although I doubt there are too many of these dinosaur machines still around.

How about a 20c? You can get it here: http://www.singerscreations.com/forum/v … php?t=1616

If it, or you get 20a again, works for you I recommend you disable the Check for new version option. This will stop the urge to change something on a system that should stop being changed. :iconbiggrin:

I just happened to have a copy of 20a. You can get it here:

(Looks like this issue is solved. I removed the file to reclaim personal webspace.)

I’ll leave it posted on my personal webspace for a couple of days or until Mike posts it himself, whichever comes first.

Win98 SE crash with WW 5.6.21

Problem has been fixed, but I am not exactly sure why. I had kept the same IE 6 settings I used in the stable 5.6.20a version.

For 5.6.20a, I had unchecked “do not save encrypted pages to disk”

This evening I changed the following IE 6 settings for 5.6.21
uncheck “warn about invalid site certificate”
uncheck “warn if form submission is being re-directed”

5.6.21 is currently working fine.

Why those two changes make the difference between 5.6.20a and 5.6.21 is basically not worth investigating for IE 6 and Win98 SE, especially since so few people use those programs anymore, and I mostly use Mozilla products myself.

I did this to myself. I don’t have WW checking for new versions, I downloaded it while doing my daily check of new or updated freeware and shareware. Next time, I will remember to keep the old version until the new version works on this computer.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Re: Win98 SE crash with WW 5.6.21

:shock: Wow!! :eek: Whenever I have seen problems with WW it’s never occurred to me to review the IE security settings. doh! Javascript options yes but not these. Thanks for pointing these settings out to us Dennis. :thumbright:

IE and other Security Settings

I found it in the FAQ under “Server Not Found”, as someone pointed out in a different thread. It turned out to be basically the same problem, except that WW would never get to the “Server Not Found” message

http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/v … .php?t=662

For 5.6.20a, simply unchecking “Do not save encryped pages to disk” in IE worked for me. For 5.6.21, I had to uncheck the other items listed in numbers 6 and 7 on Mike’s troubleshooting list. Go figure. The price of using legacy systems.

The rest of the FAQ page is interesting.

Just happy to have WW working again.