WW 5.6.20 Severe weather alert problem

Hi Mike

This new version shows in main window that there is a severe weather alert, however, when you right click and choose View Severe Alerts, the dialog box pops up and says: No Alerts available at this time. (Even though there is one)

Which city are you using?

There is currently a severe alert for Harrisburg, PA. It’s displaying okay for me.

Detroit, MI
or ZipCode 48226

Here is a screenshot:

I tried Detroit, MI… everything worked okay for me. Did you try switching your active city and then switching it back to Detroit, MI?

Hmm odd.
Yes, I tried different cities and different zipcodes… Same result.
I will uninstall and re-install and report back.

Report: I uninstalled - same result. So, I uninstalled and this time, I went in to the Program Files folder and Weather Watcher folder was still there, so I deleted it. Re-installed and now it is working.
Sorry, Mike, must have been a corrupt configuration at my end.
Best regards.