WW 5.4b

I have now been using WW for a while.
I have version 5.4b and something very strange is happening since about 11:43pm on June 9, 2004.
I had it set up where it would update / download updates every 15 minutes. I noticed that it hadn’t updated for about 3 hours and now when I try to Update Now, it tells me that the server was not found.
I can go to weather.com’s website no problem, but WW all of a sudden is not able to retrieve updates.
When I check my TCP connections, it says SYN_SENT : desktop3.weather.com
That IP resolves fine, I tried to connect via my browser, to that website address, but it says: Connection refused.
Do you think this is WW problem or weather.com have changed their server name / IP address ?
Thank you

UPDATE: It is now 10:25am on June 10, 2004. For the first time since the earlier problem, WW has successfully updated the weather without Server Not Found Error. Don’t know if this will re-occur though.

Well, according to the Weather XML Data Feed Implementation Guide one should connect to xoap.weather.com, so why weather watcher connects to desktop3.weather.com is uncertain for me.
I’ve changed my DNS server to CNAME desktop3 to xoap, so it works fine for me now. Perhaps Mike could change the host his tool is connecting to in the next version?

I could not update since 5:39 AM CET. Alert is “Error: Server not found!”

Have the same problem - “server not found” - since about 11:45 PM EDT.

Looks like Weather.com is trying, again, to get Mike out of their hair.

Hopefully he will see this problem soon and offer a remedy!

Same here (as above posts)- last DL around midnight - “server not found”
I use this app in two locations - same exact problems in both locations…

Same problems from Italy “Error:server not found!”!

[i]Originally posted by bcappa[/i]
Same problems from Italy "Error:server not found!"!

Now WW has successfully updated the weather without Server Not Found Error.


Well - it looks like WW is working again. Don’t know what happened. But - if it ain’t broke I sure ain’t gonna try to fix it.

It was a problem with weather.com’s data (Desktop Weather was also down during that time). I’m not sure what the data was unavailable, but I guess technical difficulties should be expected at times.