WU daily icons only 6 days

My WU now only shows 6 days, including today, when it was 15 before. Is this a change or temporary glitch? WWL 7.2.35 Windows 7


Same here. Looks like switching to 2015 is not being handled at all. Dec 31 is the last daily displayed.

I’m working with Weather Underground to get this fixed.

I have only 4 days! Ilam weather station Christchurch NZ.

Now down to 2 days daily forecasts…Will Jan 1, 2015 leave us with no daily forecasts?

I’ve noticed too that there isn’t a Monday icon anymore. In the past I’d at least have one showing with a “?” or a “NA”.

I wonder if this means that weather will end on Dec 31 and it will all be perfect weather from then on. :icon_smile:

FWIW, I checked Weatherbug and for our area they are still showing yesterday’s icon and forecast and today cloudy with winter mix and 0% chance of precipitation. As I look out my window it’s a clear blue sky. Seems both services are having end of year issues.

Weather Underground just resolved this issue on their end. All available days should be displaying in Weather Watcher now.

Thanks Mike but they still have an error. While they now have the 15 days out they start on Wed the 31st and not Tuesday, Dec 30.

Maybe it will fix itself by tomorrow?

Does appear to be working properly now for zip code 25177, Weather Underground. Thanks Mike and have a Happy New Year. :thumbright:

DrWho, that issue should be fixed in the following Weather Watcher build:


Thank you, Mike.