Wrong Locations

I’m not getting the correct station displaying at the tooltip and on the WWL window. For example in Winnipeg MB, I add a station called CWB White Ridge. This station appears on the Weatherbug site so I know it exists. However, at the tooltip and window I get CWB Ecole Crane.

Same thing for Harbin, China (Hulan). instead of that station WWL displays a station in Valdivostok.

I have WWL installed on two computers and it happens on both. I’ve re-installed and the problem persists. I’ve downloaded the latest ( and installed, same problem.

Any suggestions?

The WeatherBug data feed will switch to the next closest weather station if the selected station is not available. I checked a few weather stations in Winnipeg and they all seem to be up – even though the data feed seems to be switching to other weather stations.

I’ll check with WeatherBug and get back to you.

Gill Bates, it looks like both of these weather stations are displaying data as expected now.