Wrong active station on tooltip

Hi. My active station is “Ottawa, Canada”, but the tooltip says it’s “Madrid, NY”. Any suggestions on how to get this fixed?

I’m currently running Weather Watcher Live

Here are some suggestions:

1) Try updating the weather again.

2) Install the latest Weather Watcher Live build from the following link:

It seemed to have corrected itself overnight - likely due to an update. Nonetheless, I have moved up to - also working well.

Thanks, Mike!

I have the same issue. Erie, PA is my active station, but the tool tip shows Clymer, NY. I’m running the latest version of WW (WWL0065) and already tried updating the forecast with no result.1

mutt33778, version is a beta release of Weather Watcher Live. Please try installing version 6.0.0 from the link below.