Won't update

:cry: I can’t get the program to update. What do I need to do?
Thanks, susan6

You need to find out why and then fix it.

Sorry if the above seems vague but based on what you provided more specific directions are not possible.

If you had provided; what operating system you were running, what version of Weather Watcher you are running, whether your pc is at work or at home, if you have a limited Windows account or an Admin account, a cable/DSL connection or a dial up connection, a router, what firewall you are running, what antivirus software you are running, what antispyware software you are running, what error message you see when you try to update, you know some basics to help determine the possible cause of your problem.

Even specifying what you’re trying to update would be helpful. Is it the software or the weather data?

:sad: [i]Sorry I didn’t provide all the extra information.
Windows XP
Sattilite Connection
Weather Watcher 5.6.21

I was trying to update the current conditions.
The problem has been fixed though. Just a computer problem that I took care of.
Thanks for getting back with me ans sorry I didn’t reply sooner.

susan6[/i] :-s